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Bill Cooper

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Jared McGowen

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Steve Hejna

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Gabe Richardson

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Kevin Leary

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Daniel Smith

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Jamie Jordan

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Chase Jasper

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Nathan Laupp

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Lee Brown

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Vadi Dodge

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Terry Yount

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Andrew Venne

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Jesse Gippo

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Dylan Rodewald

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Chris Mauk

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Dan Vehlewald

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Tim Taylor

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Matthew Geery

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Brad Soderblom

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Brad Collins

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Ryan Cook

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Don Harvey

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Emily Hejna

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Rob Ramage

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Military Info:





Years of Service:



I had a couple while I was in. Stinger Detachment team leader, while in the Gulf for Desert Storm and Desert Shield. My final ship I was a boatswain’s mate. Basically, did all of the maintenance of the ship. Our funny way of calling ourselves was first name chip last name paint.

Memorable Moment from the Military?

Getting off the plane in Bahrain at midnight, and it was like 100+ degrees after having 15 minutes to pack to catch the plain overseas. The stars at night seeing the milky way for the first time for real. And obviously going to war.

Number One Lesson Learned While Serving?

never give up, do your best all the time. Always watch out for your shipmates no matter what, even if you don’t like them. It does not matter you are all one team.

What Was Your Inspiration for Serving?

Ironically, I wanted to become a diver, but I did not qualify once I was enlisted. Honestly it was an honor to serve. I figured that I would find some direction in the military.

Current Job:

Working towards a real estate license