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Jared McGowen

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7 · F

Steve Hejna

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10 · D

Gabe Richardson

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11 · F

Kevin Leary

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14 · F

RJ Breen

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15 · F

Eric Hansen

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18 · F

Jamie Jordan

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21 · D

Terry Yount

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22 · F

Chase Jasper

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23 · F

Nathan Laupp

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29 · G

Lee Brown

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31 · G

Vadi Dodge

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44 · F

Zackery Best

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47 · D

Andrew Venne

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56 · D

Austin Aldrich

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58 · F

Dylan Rodewald

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65 · F

Chris Mauk

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67 · F

Dan Vehlewald

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80 · D

Tim Taylor

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89 · F

Matthew Geery

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Brad Soderblom

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Kelly Buckallew

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Brad Collins

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Ryan Cook

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Don Harvey

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Emily Hejna

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Jason Pilarski

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Rob Ramage

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Tim Taylor #89·F Team Alpha · 2020-2021

Tim head shot medium
Date of Birth 08/02/1985
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 230


Military Info





Years of Service



13B Cannon Crewmember

Memorable Moment from the Military?

Seeing the ocean for the first time. I had never been on a plane or seen the ocean before the service. Thanks to the Army, I got a chance to travel and see places I would never go, but going to the beach for the first time was a surreal moment.

Number One Lesson Learned While Serving?

Improvise, adapt, and overcome

What Was Your Inspiration for Serving?

9/11. Someone had to pay for their actions and wanted to be part of the debt collectors!

Current Job

Corporate prostitute...HR Generalist