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Jared McGowen

7 · F

Johnny Peters

9 · D

Steve Hejna

10 · D

Charlie Freshman

12 · F

Kevin Leary

14 · F

RJ Breen

15 · F

Eric Hansen

18 · F

Jamie Jordan

21 · D

Brandon Morgan

27 · F

Nathan Laupp

29 · G

Keith Burley

39 · G

Chris Nikonovich

55 · D

Andrew Venne

56 · D

Dylan Rodewald

65 · F

Chris Mauk

67 · F

Kirk O'Donnell, MD

74 · D

Matthew James

77 · F

Dan Vehlewald

80 · D

Tim Taylor

89 · F

Matthew Geery

94 · F

Braden Martin

97 · D

Neil Beatty


Andrew cato


Ryan Cook


Greg Gajewski


Don Harvey


Neal Heitzig


Mark Horne


Mike McKenna


Jamie Morgan


Rob Ramage


Steven Rinkel


Dwight Schofield


Aaron Shelhamer


Betty Sisco



Military Info


US Air Force / Illinois ANG



Years of Service: 

27 Years



Memorable Moment from the Military?  

While flying the Commander of US Central Command in a KC-135 to a location in his AOR (Area of Responsibility) for a meeting with junior Commanders, the airfield was under attack.  We held over the water while our helicopter and ground friends secured the base with overwhelming and impressive firepower.  After the area was secure, the base was easy to get to as we just had to aim for the smoke.  This became the “Aim for the Smoke” story.  The General arrived at his intended destination with no one injured.   As a young Captain, I had a hugely greater respect for the ground troops that like to fire guns and blow things up.  

Number One Lesson Learned While Serving?  

In one word, Teamwork.  The military is greater than the sum of all individuals because of teamwork. 

What Was Your Inspiration for Serving?  

My brother who also served, my desire to help, and my desire to fly.  Besides that, just being a part of something greater than myself.   

Current Job: 

Airline pilot.