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Jonmichael Fleming

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Jessica Ball

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John Derda

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Michael Adams

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Bill Southers

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Christina Krag

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Keith Bingham

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Chet Woods

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Eric Muckey

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Kevin Flavin

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Keith Bingham #42·F Team Delta · 2020-2021

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Date of Birth 04/22/1979
Height 5' 10"
Weight 205


Military Info:





Years of Service:



Mortuary Affairs Specialist

Memorable Moment from the Military?

Time spent in Eygpt, Louisana, and of course the Airborne Inn...

Number One Lesson Learned While Serving?

Life is more precious and shorter than we think!  It should be protected at all costs! Unfortunately, whether you agree with it or despise it, this can mean taking the lives of others.  While the previous two sentences conflict with each other, like so many other things in life, concepts and realities are often not parallel. The horrors of war are incredibly real and the capabilities of evil people know no bounds!   "If you don't mind, it does not matter" is not always true!  We will all have struggles; we each make our choice as to whether or not they define who we are.  Throughout the course of life, we have the opportunity to make millions of decisions, which in the end can be reduced to only two choices;  The choice of discipline, or the choice of regret.  It is a simple concept, but an extremely difficult reality.  What matters most is one's character, accountability, morals, level of personal responsibility, and trustworthiness.

What Was Your Inspiration for Serving?

Both my Grandfathers served; One was a WWII Navy Veteran and the other is an Air Force veteran. I hated school, which is odd for a guy with several degrees, and wanted to do something to better myself...

Current Job:

Chief Architect and Technologist