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RJ Breen #15·F Team Alpha · 2020-2021

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Date of Birth 11/15/1988
Gender Male
Height 6' 3"
Weight 240


Military Info:





Years of Service:

5 Years


6114 UH-1N and AH-1W mechanic and Aerial Observer

Memorable Moment from the Military?

Closing down Al-Taqaddum air base in Iraq during to shut-down process. Was able to to be one of the last ones on the base, which is still deserted to this day. Pinning on Sgt at the age of 20 years old was also pretty rewarding.

Number One Lesson Learned While Serving?

I learned how to grow up, I was a spoiled kid with no care in the world. The marines taught me how to live on my own and take ownership for all my actions.

What Was Your Inspiration for Serving?

I needed direction in my life and I wasn’t wanting to go to college, also I wasn’t smart enough for college!

Current Job:

I own a Union Painting company that I started from the ground up.