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Todd Smick

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Ryan Cook

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David Edger

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Kyle Jarrell

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Eric Cockrum

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Justin White

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Mitchell Martin

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Rachel Bartlett

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Neil Beatty

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Ryan Cook

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Jesse Gippo

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Christopher DeWitt #25·F Team Charlie · 2020-2021

Dewitt headshot medium
Date of Birth 11/19/1972
Height 6'
Weight 180


Military Info:

Branch :

Air Force


Lt Col

Years of Service: 



C-130 Navigator

Memorable Moment form the Military:

Earning my wings and then deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan soon after as a second lieutenant.  I was the most junior Navigator in my unit and flew more combat missions then I had non combat missions.  Being able to go from knowing nothing about flying to operating in a war zone in such a short amount of time gave me the confidence to know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

Number One Lesson Learned While Serving: 

Getting to know people from different backgrounds and appreciating what they have to offer to get the mission done.

What Was Your Inspiration for Serving: 

Wanted to serve my country and loved the idea of being part of a team of people with a similar desire to serve. 

Current Job:

Deputy Division Chief for Global Operations.  Still serving as a full time reservist planning airlift missions around the world.