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St. Louis Blues Warrior Hockey

The St. Louis Blues Warriors are a hockey organization in the Greater St. Louis area, under USA Hockey's Warrior program.  This program provides an opportunity for disabled veterans to play the sport of hockey, regardless if they've played their entire life, or never put a skate on the ice.  Our goals include expanding the support of both hockey and veteran awareness issues in the St. Louis area.  St. Louis Blues Warrior Hockey will provide an opportunity for disabled veterans to come together to support each other, enjoy camaraderie and compete against other Warrior league and charity teams.

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Ever wondered what it's like to play hockey? Are you active duty, reserve, guard or a veteran or a family member of a service member? Come out and give it a shot, even if you've never put ice skates on. The event is Saturday, August 15th, from 2:10-3:10pm at Centene Community Ice Center.

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